Always open to new artistic experiences, a selection of my personal projects.


Sitges local council commissioned me to do the official image for the corpus celebration to be reproduced on several issues. When you are honored to do a task like this you have to leave your confort zone. In other words, push yourself into risk if you really want to succeed. It was very well received and has become popular.


You can download this work by clicking on the image or following this link.

Vogue exhitbition leaflet, 2017-small

Swimming sixties, revolutionary time where london was a cultural referent. British photographers among other contemporary artists were crucial to ilustrate the movement. As a conscious attempt to pay tribute to the wonderful fashion magazines produced in the sixties i prepared this small exhibition using the same equipment and developing technics as if i were in the sixties. Front exhibition leaflet.

London poster, 2011

London has always been a worldwide landmark both socially and artistically. Having the opportunity to live in was an injection of artistic ideas which still remain vividly in my head. With all the energy i treasured i started what was going to be my very first exhibition. I wanted to do something special to promote it. I designed the poster, produced it, paid the printing expenses and delivered around the town. Lovely experience with good feedback reviews.

Eivissa poster, 2012

Ibiza & formentera were personal icons. A growing interest at the same time i became seriously involved in photography. Certainly, the hippie culture has been essential to understand my entire existence. Exhibition poster showing this icon rock island.