Joan Olivella [Photographer]

“Photography is an artistic vehicle which has let me liberate from fear and loneliness.”


Producing and collecting portraits have become a passion. I do love what photography represents, witnessing the pass of time. This was one of the main reasons when I started. I considered myself a kind of life storyteller.


Along with artistic photography, this technique has given me so much satisfaction. A truly proof that you have something inside. I recommend a quiet reading of each photograph description. You will not be disappointed.


I’m a nature lover. I do love the changes of light throughout the seasons. A captivating interplay between birth, decline and fall. This is a selection of photographs I have taken where landscape shines at its best.


The newest subject has come into my photography. Deeply influenced by London houses, bit by bit I have become more and more obsessed by the lines the architecture or even nature offers me. This attitude will produce many pleasant moments in years to come.


This is how we all start. Covering social events trying to make way among this hard and competitive world. Besides the high quantity of production on these occasions, I have always tried to give a professional touch on social meetings to offer a kind of artistic validity as a stuff.


If I had not been able to experience any of these situations I present here, definitely I would not be a photographer. The reason why makes me feel alive personally and artistically. Requires a combination of technical skills as well as an envisioned view before pressing the shutter.

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An expert passionate photographer, each session becomes a memorable experience. Dedication to excellence is reflected in every image captured, highlighting the beauty in every detail. Transform your moments into unforgettable memories.

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